Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hot Pink Flowering Bougainvillea

Here's a quick late night Friday Floral for you. The bougainvilleas are blooming here in southern California. Their colors can range from purple to reds, pinks or white, but my favorites are the hot pink versions. This one is climbing over a fence in my neighborhood. Once they get established bougainvilleas are great ramblers; rambling over fences and houses.

They may be classified as a vine, but they're more of a rangy shrub with stiff branches and giant thorns. A huge plant covered in bright glowing colors can stop traffic. The color comes from the flower bracts. The actual flowers are tiny and white. I love them either way. Put bougainvillea on your fall planting list and happy gardening!


azplantlady said...

Just beautiful. I am still enjoying the blooms on my two bougainvillea. You can't beat them for gorgeous color!

susie said...

Love it, you can;t beat them for non-stop color in mild areas. My new favorites are 'Orange King' & 'Camarillo Fiesta' which is a mix of orage & pink.

Angel with dirty fingernails said...

I'm passing on the Honest Scrap award to you!

Patrice said...

I love bougainvilleas. In fact, I have them planted on pots.


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