Growing My Victory Garden, New Vintage Art Design For The Home Vegetable Gardener

My newest gardening themed artwork is for home gardeners growing their own food at home.  During both World Wars, people were encouraged to grow their own food at home to stretch rations.  Today people are growing their own fruits and vegetables at home to make ends meet in a brutal economy. 

This unique design incorporates part of a WWI Victory Garden poster created by Macinel Wright Enright in 1919 for the National War Garden Commission.  A farmer carrying a hoe and wearing a straw hat with a flag walks down a country road.  His is followed  by dancing carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and beets carrying a US flag.  The text surrounding the artwork reads: Growing My Victory Garden in green leaf letters and an antique Americana font in red and blue. 

The artwork was restored, retouched and enhanced to bring out the colors of the flag and the vegetables.  The design comes on canvas tote bags for grocery shopping or organizing garden tools, t-shirts for gardening and even a lawn sign so you can show off to your neighbors.  

My new Victory Garden Design can be found in my CafePress store in the Green Sayings and Gardening Art Section of my online store.

Happy gardening from theGardenPages!

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