Friday, February 6, 2009

An Orange Blossoms And Oranges Postcard From California For Friday Floral

I'm sending you some hope that spring really is on the way. It's going to get better and thaw out, and also there's nothing better than a good relationship with your neighbor. 

I'm trying to cheer you up with some orange blossoms and a little guided imagery. 

The flowers are just starting to open on my orange tree. Just look at the photo and try to smell them. Pretend you are standing in the sun. It feels warm on your back as you lean into the orange tree. 

The Santa Anas are making it warm, but not too dusty.  The little fat oval orange buds are popping open and perfuming the air around you.  Breathe.


The oranges from last year are finally starting to get ripe. Hopefully I've gotten them safely through the frost season here. We'll have to cut one open later and see.

Here's a story I found about neighbors helping each other. Hopefully that will cheer you up too. It's about an Amish family in Kentucky who took care of his neighbors after the Ice Storm. So, wave at one of your neighbors today too.


Niels Plougmann said...

Oh how I wish I could smell those orange blossoms. I remember how wonderful their fragrance is. Sadly I live such a grey and cold part of the world. But then I can always read blogs in parts of the world with a warmer climate, that are blessed with sunshine.

Concrete Jungle LA said...

Love the orange blossoms - mine just bloomed this week too! Glad to find another SoCal gardener! What does it mean to be a free-lance copywriter?

Best wishes


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