Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where To Find Free Seed Starting Equipment For Your Garden

It's easy to find seed starting containers for your vegetables, flowers and plant cuttings, without spending any extra money. Containers of every shape and size are all around.

Here are a few I found in my kitchen:

A clear plastic lettuce container with lid, it's about a foot wide and good 8 inches across. This is deep enough to start almost anything and they can grow your sprouts in place until they are big enough to go in the garden.

A square, yet deep, chocolate container would be good for starting cuttings or a handful of seeds for one special plant. Last, we have a small round chocolate cake container from a fast food restaurant. This is small and not very deep. You could do a cutting from a small plant with this or a few large seeds wrapped in damp paper towels.  

I wound up using the smallest "seed starter" to hold onion skins for the compost pile. Since it seals tight it doesn't smell and thanks to being clear, you won't forget about it the next day.

Any container you use for starting seeds or cuttings should have a few holes in the bottom. Either use an ice pick (very 80's, I know) or a hammer and nail. You can also cut an X with a box cutter. The lid can also double as a saucer if you don't need a lid.

Happy Gardening!


Philip Bewley said...

I like this idea of using what you have and recycling houshold items for seeds.
Great idea, and a lightbulb went off for me...I will do this myself!

Anonymous said...

K I am here for the holidays from Utah and I found your blog because I was trying to find where in So Cal I could get a large variety of starter herbs to bring back to Utah for my greenhouse. I am looking for asian cilantro other fun varieties and then just the basics. Any advice for one-stop shopping?

Laura Z said...

K try a mom & pop nursery, not a big box store for cool herbs.
My favorite is West Valley Nursery in Tarzana. He always has lots of varieties, including herbs I've never heard of.

Wayne Stratz said...

I was just wondering if I needed to buy supplies and this has me thinking... "not really."


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