Garden Store Update; I've got Aloe Vera pups for you!

My aloe vera plant has been jumping out of it's pot, so I've got a few of my organically grown aloe vera pups up for sale this week. Aloe is great for minor skin irritations like kitchen burns, and easy to grow. Drop by my Aloe Vera page for more growing info.

I've created a Garden & Plant Section in my eCrater store with cutting from my organically grown succulent plants I write about here, pretty planters and my growing collection of handmade garden-themed jewelry. Please drop by and take a gander, I only have $800 to go to get my house out of foreclosure!

I opened my store under my MomsRetro banner, but it's still me, I promise!

Don't be a stranger. Visit my Home And Garden Section or visit my main page at:

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