Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Floral: Hot Pink Silk Floss Trees Bring More Fall Color to LA

The silk floss trees are blooming in Los Angeles right now.  

I've seen them blooming along the 101 Freeway, in front of office buildings and this one, which is blooming in front of a DWP station with a drought tolerant theme.  

Chorisia speciosa trees are native to south America.  They grow up to 60 feet tall and are hardy to about 20 degrees.  

They are known for their hot pink flowers but there is a white flowering version too.  We even have a Los Angeles Beautiful version.

Silk Floss trees have bright green trunks usually covered with giant spines.  Since the purpose of my weekly floral photos is to calm everyone down after a long frazzling week, I'm skipping the thorns for you.

The glowing pink flowers have five petals, usually with a white center.  Trees lose their leaves after flowering in the late autumn.  

The name silk floss comes from the seed pods which have a cottony white floss inside.


Rick Rosenshein said...

Great blog, beautiful photos and articles. Very informative. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. Rick

Anna said...

Those Silk Floss trees remind me of our Crepe Myrtles which mostly bloom in July-frost. The pink is just beautiful.

maria said...

Glad I found your blog through Twitter and Squidoo.

Beautiful pictures.
I love the Silk Floss tree.

Here in Canada, right now everything is covered with white snow, not too much colour to look at.


Simply Flowers said...

I am so glad you posted the name of this tree. I saw it at Disneyland, and at Starbucks, and wondered. Thanks for the information.

Philip Bewley said...

You do not see Chorisia too often here in San it too cold here, do you think?
It is quite showey...I love the mass of flowers, and on a tree that is pretty special.

Laura Z said...

Glad you found me!

Anna these are a great followup tree to crepe myrtles, they're blooming when the other is losing leaves.

Philip, it think it might get too cold there. How about a nice crepe myrtle?

This is kind of a Disney tree isn't it? Glad you liked it!

Ilona said...

Thanks for the interest in my blog :) Beautiful photos, here and I love your main site! I'm adding you into my custom search engine- you have great info. Blessings on your business :)

ゆう佐々木 said...

Hi! I am Japanese but live in Mexico. 3dayes before went LA and saw this flower. It has changed the time of bloom? Now it is August.
It seems like Maculli(in Mexico)
o Tabebuia(in Ind). These flowers have changed the blooming season but about one month late.
or It blooms several times for year?


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