Thursday, April 10, 2008

Plant Rescue Update: Crassula Plant Setback

A few weeks ago I rescued this little succulent plant from the store. It was very abused, beaten up, had broken parts and gave me a very sad look when I walked by.

So, I took it home, gave him some water and tucked the broken leafs back into the pot. I put him in my 'plant hospital'; between the rose bushes in the flower bed where there is part sun, a little
moisture in the air and a nice plant vibe. Here's my first post.

Unfortunately, the pot was viciously attacked by a weed whacker. The pot is crumbled and there is just half on one leaf left in the pot.

Now what? Since the point of this blog is to share gardening information - good and bad - I'm not giving up on this plant. Although I will keep him out of weed whacker range from now on.

Let's see what we've got here: The roots on the plant are fine. On a normal plant, that would be the most important question. Since roots are intact, you'd probably have good luck watering the plant and leaving it alone in the 'hospital' for a few weeks.

Since this plant is a succulent plant, technically, I don't really need any roots to make this puppy grow. Succulents are easily propagated with cuttings. But I'll take the roots anyway. I'm just going to water him and put him in a safer place with part shade. Hopefully the roots will help the plant recover a little faster and we'll see some sprouts! Here's an article on my site on how to root
succulent plants with cuttings.

Check back later for more exciting crassula updates.


My LIttle Family: said...

OMG! I buy the sadest looking plants at the store too! I have to shop alone because if I take someone with me they always try to talk me into the best looking ones. LOL. Vickie

zippiknits said...

Crassula always win out in the end, unless you step on them and set them on fire afterward. Almost all the succulents are funny that way, bless em.


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