High tech seed spreader, or spice bottle?

Here's something you can use for spreading seeds that's already in your spice cabinet.

This bottle contained Italian Seasoning. The important part is the size of the holes in the plastic screen on top. These are about 1/8 inch in diameter.

It's a good size for larger seeds like nasturtium or sweet peas. You could always cut them to enlarge them too.

Sprinkle out a bank of low growing sweet peas in beds around your other plants. They fix nitrogen in the soil which helps other plants.

I like to grow nasturtiums in my rose bed. They fill in the bare ground and stalks. Monet loved them too! My yard is very hot in the summer, they last longer in part shade or areas that only get a few hours of direct sun a day.

If you buy the non-hybrid seeds your nasturtiums or sweet peas will reseed and come back next year and have the same bloom colors. The only difference will be they will be silghtly more adapted to your particular garden and climate. Cool beans!

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