Friday, February 22, 2008

Container Garden Ideas

Containers are a great way to have a garden without a yard.

Plants can be grown in anything from an empty soup can to a whisky soaked wooden barrel.

Succulent plants are great choices for containers.  They are more willing to tolerate a pot you've forgotten to water the last few months.  Hey, you're busy, I know. 

Succulents and cacti do best in bright sunlight. If your window gets full sun all day these would be a good choice.  Bright, indirect sunlight will also work too.

Here's another idea for a plant container; your favorite coffee mug - after it cracks!  I just loved this little daisy mug (I keep meaning to do something like it for the store....).  But it cracked in a way that couldn't be fixed. 

It's about 16 oz, so, I popped in a plant growing in a 3 inch plastic pot.  It's a crassula (succulent plant) so it doesn't need a lot of water anyway.  When it's time I can just grab the handle and whisk him off to the sink.  The mug still leaks, so I have to make sure the mug is finished dripping before I put it back.  I'm pretty clumbsy so I am gathering quite a collection!

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Julie said...

Hi! This is such a cute idea for a way to keep your plants in their plastic pots, but yet let them look great! I bought a couple of Fittonia plants for indoors, and they came plastic pots down inside of pretty ceramic containers...I love them because when I water them, the excess just goes into the ceramic mess! I am going to try your idea here...but with a non-cracked cup! LOL! Your mug is very beautiful tho, and I would have to keep it as well...cracked or not!!! Thanks for posting this great idea!


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