Thursday, February 21, 2008

Acacia tree is blooming

Here are a few photos of my acacia.  Acacia trees can grow up to 20 feet tall.  
I planted mine because it is drought tolerant, will cover the back fence (and my neighbor) and they bloom!  Beautiful giant yellow flowers.  I have heavy clay, alkaline soil and no water.  So I was looking for something that fit into my little microclimate.  Along the back fence of my yard, I am trying to go California native, or at least all drought and Acacia fit the bill.  AND it blooms in February!

My tree was planted about two years ago.  The first year I gave him fairly regular watering, the second year, maybe once a month during summer, and now, I'll do a deep soak every few months.  Here's a photo just before all the blooms opened...

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Poppy said...

Good morning! I hope so. Cal is enjoying the same fabulous soggy weather we have been here in no. Cal!
I am responding to an OLD post of yours. I happened upon your delightful pages following a tangent. (I do frequently get off track online!)
Your post is about the beautiful flowering Acacia trees which you have pictured. My comment/request is that you include a warning tip regarding the invasiveness of this tree. In my neighborhood here up north at least, this is extremely invasive, and one tree will slowly expand to a huge, impenetrable thicket. We have massive thickets covering frequent sections of roadside, and it is sad because they are slowly but steadily consuming all other plant life. Perhaps you can add some caution tags to the old posts warning consumers to check possible invasiveness for their area, especially near unattended lands or open space, where they will be wont to spread endlessly, destroying local environments.
Thank you!


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